Philipp Walser mit dem WalserWandel für Change, Transformation und Veränderung zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit, Glück und Lebensfreude, mit Beratung, Coaching, Leadership oder Projektleitung

My name is philipp walser.

The change artist

The well-being of our planet is close to my heart. It is no coincidence that International Earth Day is celebrated on my birthday. A custom that has also existed since 1967 - the year I was born. Coincidence? Hardly.

In everything I do, I want to contribute to a sustainable life and a better world. Therefore I live my truth and create connection. Connection to me and between people as well as between people, technology, and nature, between the spiritual and physical world, as well as between cultures.


For me, the meaning of our life consists of three elements. Firstly, find your tribe. Secondly, fulfill your mission with humanity. Thirdly, fulfill your mission with Mother Earth. I have accepted this assignment, and I am consistently implementing it with WalserWandel. It all makes sense and fills me with incredible gratitude and joy.

My topics and focuses derive from my essence and truth. My activity is therefore an expression of my innermost essence. Change and transformation have been constant companions throughout my life. I was able to experience these personally and professionally and hence internalize their many facets. Reason enough to take my experience from the inside outwards and thus to do my service to my fellow human beings and the world around me.

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my experience

I look back on a varied and formative past that has taken place both nationally in Switzerland and in the international environment. Here are my most important stages:

  • Studied business administration at the University of Zurich with a focus on international marketing and organizational psychology

  • Head of interdisciplinary projects for the food company Nestlé in more than 15 countries (Europe, Asia, North and South America) for over 10 years, with a focus on audit, supply chain management and development of the area of “Commercial Training & Development”

  • Change & Implementation Manager of Nestlé GLOBE (Global Business Excellence Team) in North and South America

  • Over 13 years in Brazil for Nestlé, as an entrepreneur, a restaurant owner, a partner of BrasilEuro and EcoWin, a member of the “Green Building Council”, and as head of the sustainability committee of the Swiss-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo

  • More than 10 years in the field of e-mobility as head of the Swiss competence center for electric vehicles, as managing director of e'mobile, and as official representative of the Federal Office of Energy at the International Energy Agency IEA as well as part of the "Implementing Agreement for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles"

  • For 2 years part of the creative community "Jupiterhaus" in Zurich, responsible for strategy development, controlling and facility management

  • Since 2017 owner of Walser New Mobility, among others as a project partner of the Geneva International Motor Show, of and of BRAVE (Brasil Veículos Elétricos)

My personal and professional experiences have always had to do with change and transformation. Because in my whole life I have always moved and changed. What made me learn and grow. And what made me take a valuable step towards myself.  


With WalserWandel, I go one step further and bring my passion, my experience and the topics that are most important to me together. So that a sustainable transformation and real connection is possible.

For a new culture, a new mobility, a new energy, a new food.


Or quite simply: for a happy co-existence.

"Everything is a people business.

People first, then the business.»

Philipp Walser