The new work-life balance

I believe in a world in which we feel connected and live for the good of our earth. That's why I live my personal truth. I encourage other people to transform our world into a happy and harmonious togetherness.  

This leads me to pursue my passion independently and to practice it with fun and compassion. This is how I connect people, technology and nature - thereby accompanying the sustainable change in the areas of culture, mobility, energy and nutrition.  

Why these topics? Because I have a strong personal connection to them and bring my own diverse experiences into them. Because they connect people. And because, from my point of view, they are central issues for a sustainable transformation for the greater good. For a new way of working and living.

We get to know each other in a preliminary conversation. You tell me where you are today and what you would like to change. It doesn't matter whether you want this for business or pleasure, for yourself or for your company. I will tell you how I can accompany you. Be it through consulting, coaching, mentoring, change management or project management.

We create connections and find out how we can tackle your “Move to Change” together. This preliminary conversation is free of charge and without any obligation.

Does this approach appeal to you? If so, I look forward to our exchange.

WalserWandel für den Move to Change, Transformation und Veränderung in der Mobilität, Energie, Kultur und Ernährung, mit Beratung, Coaching, Leadership oder Projektleitung

My fire for your success.

"I think you can change at any age, but it's much better to do it now."

Rita Mae Brown

Alle Hände rein

NEW Culture

Foreign languages and cultures have always fascinated me. Thanks to my international work, I see the language as an effective means of learning about the culture and customs of a country.

As a
Global Mind I want to build cultural bridges between indigenous traditions and the modern West. Specifically, this can be achieved by combining old knowledge with modern technology.


I would like to give you new impulses and entrepreneurial perspectives, the introduction of proactive leadership with positive conflict management, the development of an appreciation culture with a sense of unity and the joy of change.

Jugendliche in einer Werkstatt
walser wandel change transformation mobilität elektro


I've had a passion for movement, vehicles and nature since I was born. To this day I have been able to live this out professionally in many ways. I would like to pass on this experience. Constantly and in new forms.


Mobility is a force directed towards change, both internally and externally. It is an instrument for personal and social development. Any kind of transformation requires movement. Physically and mentally.


That is why I would like to support people to recognize their behavior and needs and to shape their internal and external mobility as desired. Consciously and sustainably.

walser wandel change transformation mobilität leadership team
walser wandel change transformation erneuerbare energie solar photovoltaik

NEW Energy

To me, everything is energy. Both in us and around us. It is essential for me that the sources and resources required for this should be healthy and renewable.


It's always about energetic balance. For a healthy body and mind as well as a healthy environment and nature. The balance between inside and outside, between charging and consumption, between giving and taking. A disturbed balance has consequences, whether in the form of diseases or climate change.


For years I have been committed to resource-saving environmental technologies and renewable energies.

Practices learned help to reduce stress and keep the inner energy in balance. So, I share my experience and implement sustainable projects for a new way of dealing with energy.

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Gesunde Auswahl an gelben Lebensmittel

NEW food

It all started with a cooking class when I was 13. I was able to deepen the love for food that I discovered there on many trips, in my work at Nestlé, as a restaurant owner, and as a CookingClass initiator. Complemented by my personal food transformation from lactose-free to meat-free, to vegetarian right up to vegan until today.


"You are what you eat." I am convinced of that. Because nutrition means supplying energy and is responsible for health and wellbeing. Like change, it starts with us. Sustainable change only takes place when we feel good and act from within.


Diet affects us all. It either supports or harms us. That's why I want to pass on my experience and live out my passion for alchemy and healthy food. So that people can change and lead healthy and happy lives.

walser wandel change transformation ernährung gesundheit vegetarisch vegan team