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Activate your self-healing

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As a person and a Cantor Holistic Touch practitioner, I fully identify with the philosophy of this healing method. As the logo depicts: open hands, joined together by love and placing the heart in the centre. 

That is exactly how I go through life as well, with openness, love and connection - from the heart. Even more beautifully and concretely, these elements can now flow through my hands and strengthen other people in their openness, love and connection. And thus activate their self-healing powers.


Do you want to resolve an emotional blockage or physical pain? Would you like to strengthen your self-healing powers or overcome a current crisis?


I am very happy to support you – as a person and as a therapist.

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"Healing is my truth and truth is my healing."

Philipp Walser

WHAT is Cantor holistic Touch® (CHT)?

Cantor Holistic Touch is a holistic treatment and energy work to activate your self-healing powers, to increase consciousness and quality of life as well as to balance body, mind and soul.


CHT was founded over 35 years ago by healer, medium and course leader Christine Strübin, who received this spiritual art of healing directly from the ascended master CANTOR.

This healing method uses the skin as a receptive organ and acts on both the physical body and all etheric healing areas: 

  • the meridian and chakra system

  • the energy body (aura)

  • the emotional body (feelings)

  • the mental body (thoughts) and 

  • the spiritual body (consciousness)

  • as well as on all organs down to the cell level.


CHT is not only used for physical or psychological problems, but can also be extremely helpful in acute cases such as burnout, mid-life crisis, etc.


With CHT you perceive yourself better as well as your own wishes and needs. Your intuition is strengthened and inner processes of a life change are supported in a holistic way.


A network of energetic TOR points exists throughout the physical body, similar to acupuncture. According to their location, they are connected to a wide variety of topics in the psycho-energetic areas of life. At CHT, these TOR points are used to have a transforming and healing effect on all blockages, traumata and negative structures.

The corresponding TOR points are activated with regard to the individual topic, the causes of the blocking aspects and traumas are solved, awareness is increased with new content and blocked life energy is released.

What effect can A CHT treatment have?

  • Organ functions are stimulated

  • Physical and mental detoxification

  • Connection of both sides of the brain

  • Activation of self-healing powers

  • Balancing the male and female energies (polarity)

  • Increase in cell frequency

  • Activation of Kundalini and life energy

  • Root causes of physical and mental illnesses become conscious and solved

  • Discharge of old burdens on a physical and etheric level 

The following videos show and further explain the CHT healing method:

CHT - the key to the soul:

Cantor Holistic Touch - the gentle path to healing:


«Philipp Walser's energy massage is fantastic. He immediately feels where there is tension and energizes the body and soul with his wonderful hands.»

Claudia, 62

«The treatment of Philipp was very pleasant. I felt like I was in good hands right from the start and had no trouble opening up. After the treatment I had a feeling of relief, which also accompanied me for a few days. All in all, a thoroughly beneficial experience.”

Samuel, 21

«CHT is a wonderful discovery for me. A sensitive, deeply relaxing massage. Philipp's magic hands let the energy flow again and you feel fresh and relaxed afterwards.

I love it."

Carol, 56


The application and effect of the Cantor Holistic Touch healing method is very individual, depending on the situation and the person. In general, a therapy of 3-5 treatments is recommended in order to achieve an effective and lasting activation of self-healing. Depending on the initial situation and wishes, this will be discussed and agreed together.

A CHT treatment lasts 60-90 minutes and costs CHF 125 per hour.

Please contact me to discuss further and to arrange your first session.

"Anyone who chooses the CHT method is willing to go deeper, to the root of their symptoms."

Christine Strübin

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The CHT treatments take place at the practice Sunnehuet in Baden/AG:

Practice Sunnehuet

Dynamostrasse 1

CH-5400 Baden / AG



Contact me to schedule your CHT session or to clarify your questions.

Contact me

Thank you for your information! I will get in touch with you soon.

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«I was treated with Philipp's CHT method when I was mentally stressed by several serious events. I found these treatments very beneficial, as I found inner peace again through the treatment and the subsequent conversations.»

Doris, 88

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