Das Netzwerk von WalserWandel für den Move to Change, Transformation und Veränderung zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit, Glück und Lebensfreude, mit Beratung, Coaching, Leadership oder Projektleitung

Strong together

together toWARDS success

Even if WalserWandel is embodied by me, it does by no means stand for me alone. Because only by means of exchange and cooperation with other people does something good become something sensational. Only through community does meaningfulness arise. And only through connection does magic come into being.  

If the right people come together in the right place at the right time, miracles are possible.

That is why I work with important and valuable partners who - together with me - form the WalserWandel network.

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Creative activities, such as painting and pottery, are exhilarating activities.

Passing on my knowledge to creative people in courses enriches my life.

Creativity is a liberating process and gives the opportunity for self-development and self-discovery.

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Tavita is all about the why in life. For a world in which we can find our humanity again. For a self-determined and fulfilled life. And that starts with the personal why.

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Swiss Solar City plans, builds and finances your solar power plant if necessary.

As an independent and dynamic Swiss company, SSC is aimed at companies looking for a holistic solar solution that brings added value both ecologically and economically.

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To be, can, find,

offer and do.
That's what it's all about

Kunz Worklife Sparring.

For assessment of the current situation, career coaching, perspectives and professional decisions of a different kind.


Wild herbs are fun, and your health will surely thank you for it.


Without you, the world would not be the same, because you bring something very special with you in your essence. Namely something that no one else can give and share:

your color, your sound, your taste, your gifts. Herzseelenklang supports you in this.

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A real solution is more than just the absence of the problem.

Appreciative cooperation on equal terms for unique people.


Strohente was founded with the intention of bringing plants and the power that resides in them closer to us humans and perhaps being able to grow together with them.

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Holistically healthy and in balance. Only the harmony of body, mind and soul gives us health and wellbeing. Massage, combined with coaching and meditation, accompanied, and supported energetically, creates a strong foundation for new strength.