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Cantor Holistic Touch® therapY in Baden

Activate your self-healing and strengthen your connection with the energetic healing method CHT.

connection creates change

Would you like more energy and balance in your everyday life? Do you lack connection and wholeness? Do you hope for a more harmonious togetherness? Or does your life feel too monotonous?

You just long for that certain feeling of happiness. That feeling that fulfills you. The feeling that brings body, mind, and soul into harmony. I know it all too well myself. That is why change has always been a part of my life. It shaped and accompanied me. Today it enables me to be deeply grateful and fulfilled. A gift that I am happy to share.

I believe that we can transform our world into a happy and peaceful togetherness. A world in which we feel connected and live for the good of our planet. Each and every one of us is responsible for this. Whether personally as an individual or as a decision-maker or employee within an organization.

With this conviction, I would like to enrich people like you. Through my different activities at home and abroad, I got to know a wide variety of organizations and cultures. I understood that two factors are always the focus: the person and the connection. With my longstanding experience, I bring this together and accompany people and entrepreneurs in their change process. In a personal, empathetic and sustainable manner.

I embody these values and support you with advice, coaching, CHT therapy, mentoring, change or project management. For a new way of working and living. For a happy togetherness that begins in each of us.

Ready for your "Move To Change"?

NEW culture

The right language creates connection

and forms a culture.

As a global bridge builder, I give you new impulses, a sense of togetherness and the joy of change.

NEW mobility

Movement is a force for personal and social development.  

I explore new paths and support you in shaping your inner and outer mobility in a sustainable way.

NEW energy

It's about the energetic balance of body and mind, of the environment and nature.

I am committed to resource-saving technologies and promote your energy balance.

NEW food

Nutrition is energy and is responsible for our well-being.


I pass on my experience and love for healthy food and encourage others to change their energy supply in a positive way.

My name is Philipp.

Social entrepreneur. Companion. Impulse generator. Networker. Mentor. Bridge builders. Helper. Giver. Sparring partner. Global mind. Sustainability junkie. Alchemist. Blue planetary storm. Sacral generator 6/2. Person with heart and mind.

As a global change manager, trainer, CEO, project partner, entrepreneur and part of a creative community, I have seen and experienced quite a bit of change. Now, I want you to benefit from this.

I would like to motivate people like you to transform our world together into a happy and harmonious togetherness.

philipp walser wandel change beratung coaching mentoring

"It is not the external circumstances that change life, but the inner changes that manifest themselves in life."

Wilma Thomalla

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